Heritage TrailsAn introduction to the Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum aims to hold information about the heritage of Wheathampstead. This heritage includes natural history, the people of Wheathampstead, architecture, artefacts, geology and history.  The combination of these different aspects of our heritage make a fascinating tapestry of our local history.

A living, breathing museum

The Virtual Museum is not static.  If you want to contribute to the expansion of this information please contact the Wheathampstead History Society to find out how to get involved.

Exploring the museum

This website provides several way to explore the museum.  Using the 'Search' box at the top of the page gives you the ability to search for something specific (e.g. you could search for "Brass Ewer" and be given a link to all the pages that refer to the ewer).  Alternatively, the 'Advanced Search' page allows you to explore the whole museum.  It also offers the ability to filter the display to show one specific type of heritage and/or to explore it using a map.

Please have a look; you may be amazed at just how much heritage there is to find around Wheathampstead.